Research, innovation and quality are the most important values for PLATINUM.

We also produce a special high line of Bag In Box, with the same quality wine of our bottles. Conditioning is made thanks to an advanced technology with revolutionary features: a completely automated SACMI PACKAGING® System, in micro-filtered and refrigerated ambient directly connected to stainless tanks, without any contact by the personnel. Thanks to the use of a special triple layer bag (“High Barrier Bag” –HBB, created on our own needs) and the high-end VITOP® tap, our Bag in Boxes preserves wine fresh, save and unchanged up to eight weeks from its opening, preventing contact with oxygen and light. All organoleptic wine features, their perfumes, aromas and colors are completely guaranteed, during the consumption. 

Bag in Boxes are made with the best quality and design: high depth paper, coupled with multiwaves carton, recycled cotton handle and a special design with four different processes (gold metal foil, punching relief, polishing, and opaque background). Their precious aesthetic added to the special technological features, make the Bag in box a revolutionary way to drink wine, a high-end product.. and a special gift for people you love, too.